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Electronics Design

Advanced development using cutting edge technology.

Embedded from A to Z With a background in solid experience, we work with effective electronic development of, among others, intelligent device and industrial controls. We provide support in one or more parts of the process, from idea conception, to development of hard and software and prototypes for testing, to approval and production of finished products. The entire process, both large and small, is carried out in close co -operation with the customer to ensure a satisfactory process where objectives and quality are prioritised.

Intelligent Solutions

The intelligent solutions from JP-Electronics are based on the newest tech- nology in embedded systems, 8/16/32-bit micro controllers, programmable logic, CAN-bus based networks, man-machine technology, etc. New knowledge and technology are naturally updated and implemented continuously. Our staff is supplemented by reliable sub-suppliers and we can therefore develop both larger and smaller solutions according to needs. Our solutions and products are built on more than 30 years' experience in successful co-operation with a large number of industries: the foodstuff industry, the building industry, defence, the medical industry, the graphics industry and many others. Interested in competent embedded computing or technical sparring?

Design for Manufacturing: Innovative design and cost-efficient production goes hand in hand, when our design team is creating new solutions for our customers. We offer a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers, how can convert your ideas to innovative, realiable and cost-effective products and ultimately giving your company a substainable advantage in a competitive market. JP-Electronics’s team of hardware and software developers have specialised in designing customer specific electronics and software. Among our references, you will find many well-known companies, who, thru several years, have used the flexibilty and know-how our engineering offers.

Cost Effectiveness

When it comes to frontend and system designs, the lean, fast JP-Electronics team looks for cost effective solutions surpassing your needs. Just tell these creative thinkers where you want to go and they'll develop the best way to get you there.

We love challenges

Throw a seemingly unsolvable challenge JP-Electronics crews way and theyll thank you for the entertainment. This electrical engineering group is capable of doing anything in the world of embedded systems development. Their innovative approach to problem solving transforms ideas into reality.