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Home Automation

JP-Electronics’s home automation and subsystem integration systems comprise the latest residential and commercial technologies available < on the market today. Along with custom home theater installations, we integrate whole house streaming audio and video feeds, lighting controls, temperature and shade controls, and security monitoring devices. Even when you’re away from the house, you can easily check on everything from room temperature, to water in the basement, to security issues. All you need is Internet access to log into your secure home site.

JP-Electronics system integration experts make life easy by centralizing your home automation systems, giving you complete control over everything via one portal and one input device. From a single wired or wireless touchscreen, you can adjust the temperature in any zone of the house, play your favorite music, watch a movie, monitor a security camera, or turn lights on and off.
Home Automation and Integration
In this age of rising energy costs, a well-designed residential lighting control system home automation system. Lighting controls can be programmed so that the outside lights turn on and off with sunset and sunrise, landscape lights are synched with the astronomical time clock, and interior lights automatically light up when you are home or away.
You can also select to automatically turn lights on and off when you enter or leave a room. Another great home automation product is automatic shade controls. This eliminates the need to remember to close the blinds to protect sunlight streaming in from causing hot pockets in the house and fading expensive fabrics, artwork, and collectables.